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Can a floor help prevent injuries when a fall occurs?
Ecore | Safety
Can a floor provide a comfortable and supportive work environment?
Ecore | Healthcare
Does a floor know how to use its indoor voice?
Ecore | Acoustics
Can a floor support the body through a variety of activities?
Ecore | Ergonomics

Can a floor do more?

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Managing impact and surface hazards better than ever before.

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Making people more productive and comfortable in their environments.

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Reducing noise in and between functional spaces.

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Sustain | Ability

At Ecore, we want you to do what you love, longer. We're as committed to you as we are to the environment. This dual accountability drives us to produce the most thoughtfully innovative products, and to make the most heartfelt promise - to you, and to our world.

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Technology that's more advanced

Unique to Ecore is our patented process of fusing beautiful, functional wear layers with recycled rubber underlayments that bring unparalleled performance to our flooring products. Science, experience and perseverance converge to bring you itsTRU Technology.

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