Public Buildings

First-graders seeing history come to life at a local museum. A faith group planning a charity event. A former figure skater taking her daughter to the ice rink for the first time. When people come together, great things can happen. Wherever they gather, shouldn’t they have a durable, great looking floor that keeps them safe? The answer…an unequivocal Yes.

We’re constantly hit with an onslaught of digital information, video, news, pictures, and social media. But that’s not the same as people gathering and experiencing the world together. Today, community and public spaces are more important than ever. Our floors make every surface safer, quieter, and more supportive. They stand up to high traffic like a dream and look great in their unique environments, whether they’re in a museum, an ice rink, a house of worship, or a fire station. That’s why Ecore shines in the public eye.


If there’s a public space that couldn’t benefit from safer floors, we can’t think of one. By their very nature, community spaces are designed to accommodate the tiniest babies all the way to the wisest senior citizens, so safety is a must. Our slip-resistant, shock-absorbing floors lead to fewer falls for visitors and better conditions for staff. Even firefighters and police officers depend on the traction we provide to save precious seconds in an emergency. With Ecore flooring, anyone and everyone can walk the halls with confidence.



Ecore floors support some of the noblest professions out there, from clergy and teachers to librarians, museum curators, and security guards. And anyone working in a public facility deserves to walk on comfortable, ergonomic floors that return energy to their joints and make even the night shift feel less draining.



Being heard is important, but not during a worship service or in the library. In any big group, managing noise can be a challenge. Our floors are engineered to absorb sound from talking, walking, and everything else, so the people who need to be heard are amplified and everyone else can focus on what they’re saying.

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