Ecore is proud to offer an environmentally friendly line of floor care accessories.

Products in the Ecore line include E-Cleaner, E-Strip, E-Finish, E-Grip III and ECOguard. All of these products are designed for use with Ecore rubber surfacing products and are recommended as a system to ensure a smooth installation and years of enjoyment from your new floor. The use of E-Cleaner, E-Strip, E-Finish, E-Grip III, and ECOguard on your rubber floor will also help to uphold Ecore’s warranty and make for a worry-free investment.

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ECOguard is a water-based maintenance coating that helps to preserve flooring by protecting from dirt and scuffs.
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ECOguard is a revolutionary coating designed to preserve the beauty of ECOsurfaces that is now standard on all ECOsurfaces wear layers (excluding tile products and ECOnights). It is a factory-applied maintenance coat that protects the floor from dirt and scuff marks, significantly reducing maintenance and cleaning costs. ECOguard water-based polymeric coating meets the most stringent indoor air quality standards as stated by the state of Washington and is FloorScore certified to protect those walking on the surface.

Gerbert 2525 is a vinyl floor covering adhesive.
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Gerbert 2525 is a proprietary, hard-set, wet-lay and transitional pressure sensitive adhesive designed specifically for installing homogeneous and heterogeneous solid vinyl flooring. With its strong, durable, moisture-resistant and alkali-resistant bond, it is ideal for commercial and institutional applications. Gerbert 2525 has an excellent open time, develops strength quickly, performs well under rolling loads, and resists indentation. Its low-odor, low-VOC formulation makes it ideal for use in occupied buildings, such as hospitals and medical centers. Gerbert 2525 provides aggressive tack and superior bond for solid vinyl tile and plank. As a hard-setting adhesive, it resists shrinkage and aids in keeping seams and butt joints tight and together.

Gerbert 2300 is solvent-free adhesive designed for indoor and outdoor installations.
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Gerbert 2300 is a two-part reactive adhesive with low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), designed for indoor and outdoor flooring installations. This adhesive aggressively adheres all types of floor coverings to properly prepared metal, and many other difficult-to-bond-to substrates. It is recommended for the installation of homogenous PVC, solid vinyl tile and planks, rubber sheet flooring, rubber tile (including radial rubber tile), rubber stair treads, vinyl composition tile (VCT), artificial-grass indoor and outdoor carpet, linoleum, mineral fibrous felt-backed sheet goods, carpet, and all types of cork flooring and underlayments.

E-cleaner is a low foam floor cleaner for Ecore recycled rubber flooring.
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E-Cleaner, a highly concentrated low foam floor cleaner, is effective for all routine cleaning jobs. It is designed for use with all ECORE recycled rubber surfacing products. Use for damp mopping, scrubbing, spray and wipe cleaning, or with a hand bucket and cloth. E-Cleaner revitalizes any washable surface without damage. Additionally, E-Cleaner is Green Seal™ certified, meaning it has complied with rigorous requirements designed to reduce its environmental impacts.

E-Finish is a floor finish offered by Ecore.
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Creating a new standard in floor finishing, E-Finish combines an unequaled level of environmental preference with performance, surpassing conventional floor finishing technologies. It gives a tough, black-mark resistant shine with no powdering. E-Finish excels with all maintenance systems, including scrub and recoat, spray buff, and burnish. It contains no Polymers or Urethane and meets ASTM D2047-93 requirements for slip resistance.

E-Grip Evolve is a flooring adhesive offered by Ecore, specifically designed for LVT Tile and Plank installation.
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E-Grip Evolve is a proprietary, high performance, wet-set adhesive designed specifically for installing LVT Tile and Plank and Ecore’s sound underlayment membranes. With its strong, durable, moisture-resistant and alkali-resistant bond, it is ideal for commercial applications. E-Grip Evolve has an excellent open time, develops strength quickly, performs well under rolling loads and resists indentation. Its low volatile organic content makes it ideal for use in occupied buildings.

E-Grip III is a zero-VOC flooring adhesive.
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E-Grip III one-component, solvent-free, urethane adhesive is a revolutionary zero-VOC product featuring low odor and improved tack properties for easy application and flat, concealed seams. Formulated specifically for use with ECORE’s family of surfacing products, its moisture-cured, no-mix, non-sag, and permanently elastic formula provides excellent adhesion to elastomers, concrete, and wood in both indoor and outdoor applications. E-Grip III flooring adhesive is certified for indoor air quality, meeting the stringent standards of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) criteria (Section 01350) as described in the State of California’s Department of Health Services Standard Practice. With its zero-VOC content, E-Grip III adhesive meets all the requirements of Indoor Environmental Air Quality for low-emitting materials and can potentially contribute 1 point toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for building projects.

E-Releasable Adhesive is an Ecore flooring adhesive, offering permanent and releasable bonds for rubber-back carpet tile.
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E-Releasable Adhesive has been specifically designed to provide both permanent and releasable bonds for rubber-backed carpet tile. Its unique formulation has been developed to provide a very aggressive bond to rubber-backed carpet tile where traditional adhesives will not work. E-Releasable Adhesive can be installed into wet adhesive for permanent bonding and allowed to dry to its tacky phase for releasable installations. E-Releasable Adhesive can also be used in fast-track construction practices where the moisture vapor emission rates (MVERs) are less than 8 lbs. (3,63 kg) (ASTM F1869) and relative humidity (RH) 90% (ASTM F2170) respectively, and show diminishing results over time.

Ecore's E-Strip floor stripper removes multiple layers of finish.
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Fast acting with low odor, E-Strip removes multiple layers of finish, without harsh alkalies and other conventional components. E-Strip is specifically designed to remove E-Finish, but will also remove most conventional metalcrosslinked floor polishes. Safe and effective, E-Strip requires no neutralization prior to finish application. It is readily biodegradable, phosphate-free and VOC compliant.