For more than 25 years, ECOsurfaces composition rubber flooring has offered a diverse portfolio of flooring patterns that make a distinct design statement without sacrificing the health of the natural environment. All ECOsurfaces products are FloorScore certified and contribute towards earning points toward LEED certification.

Composed Product Collection


ECOsurfaces is a distinctive vulcanized composition rubber surface. Available in traditional rolls and tiles, this resilient 3.2mm thick surface has beauty and brains! ECOsurfaces also has all the durability and ease of maintenance associated with a hard surface. Versatile, durable, and sustainable, ECOsurfaces has been a staple in the commercial flooring market for more than 30 years.


Origins integrates Ecore’s past with the present: adding cork to vulcanized composition rubber, resulting in a beautiful surface with unlimited design and color combinations. Available in 12 by 24 inch tiles, Origins is a 3.2mm thick surface that is easy to install and serves as an excellent alternative to carpet.


ECOcomfort underlayment provides the perfect blend of flexibility and support beneath ECOsurfaces surfacing. Unlike traditional foam cushioning systems, its exclusive manufacturing technology ensures that it maintains its resilience for years. Standing for hours on hard floors can take its toll on legs, feet, and spines, but the cushioning properties of ECOcomfort underlayment make those concerns a thing of the past.

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