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The Ecore Commercial Wellness Collection of surfaces is ideal for all wellness spaces, including corporate, education, and fitness applications. These surfaces provide wellness by absorbing shock and preventing falls, while remaining easy to clean and maintain. Whether you are in a hotel for a business meeting, listening to a lecture at a university, or taking a yoga class in your apartment building, the surface in the space should provide safety, acoustic, and ergonomic benefits.

Wellness Product Collection


ECOfit is designed for bodies in motion. This 8.2mm engineered floor provides enhanced performance, while mitigating fatigue and the risk of injury. By utilizing Ecore's patented itstru technology, a standard ECOsurfaces 3.2mm surface layer is fusion-bonded to a 5mm composition rubber backing. 

ECOfit Plus

ECOfit Plus offers a prescription for comfort. Whether a traditional health and fitness application or an active work environment, ECOfit Plus provides enhanced performance while mitigating fatigue. The key is the dynamic energy return that forces the user to stay off their heels and on the balls of their feet. ECOfit Plus is available in both glue down rolls and adhesive-free interlocking tiles.


ECOmax is a square, beveled tile featuring a patented footed system. The 1-inch molded tile is designed specifically for use in weight rooms, while the 2-1/2 inch version is designed for play areas or rooftop patios. ECOmax provides enhanced acoustical performance by dampening the transmission of noise. It also offers superior drainage, continuous under-foot comfort and tested slip resistance to prevent falls and injuries.


ECOnights is the perfect surface for corporate guests and hospitality fitness centers, because it’s nominal 3/8” thickness makes it a durable solution for high impact spaces.


ECOsmash mitigates the shock and sound resulting from weights being released onto its surface by absorbing impact with its 2-foot by 2-foot by 2.5-inch molded tile. ECOsmash is the perfect complement to platform style weight lifting.


FITturf features a dense, textured nylon wear layer that is 3mm thick fusion bonded to a 5mm vulcanized composition rubber backing. This consistent and tight surface is ideal for sled drills and functional training including use of moderate free weights.

FITturf Plus

FITturf Plus features a dense, textured nylon wear layer that is 3mm thick fusion bonded to a 12mm vulcanized composition rubber backing. Ideal for most functional training, this surface features enhanced sound reducing properties with its 12mm performance backing. This surface simulates natural turf and offers a portable/ temporary turf system.

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