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Imagine a floor that makes your business look professional. That keeps staff and customers safe. That is in line with your commitment to the environment. A floor that can even save you money. The bottom line points to Ecore.

Commercial buildings are becoming more like vertical mini-cities, with retail, restaurants, or a daycare center on the ground floor, other businesses and offices above that, and residential apartments on the upper floors. Wouldn’t it be nice if, no matter where you are in the building, from the lobby to the cafeteria to the conference center to the gym, you know the flooring is safe, ergonomic, and designed for quiet? Yes, we think so too.


As buildings encompass different types of businesses and uses, the idea of a safe floor becomes more important and more complex at the same time. The lobby must be skid-resistant for everyone, daycare and playground flooring should protect little ones from injury, and offices and conference rooms have to look fabulous and promote an effective work environment. Ecore floors are engineered for safety, so any business can forget about what’s under foot and get back to doing what they do best.



Professional buildings are complex organisms that need a team to keep them running smoothly, and that staff needs support when they’re on their feet all day. Our floors absorb and return energy with every step, so employees have the energy to continue doing their jobs well. And that’s just as true in fitness areas, where our ergonomic designs prevent injury during repetitive training sessions.



It’s hard to believe, but it really is possible for kids to nap in a ground-floor daycare center while the personal trainer on the floor above is teaching a high-impact cardio class. It’s even possible for office neighbors not to be distracted by their colleagues’ conference calls. It doesn’t matter if installed in conference rooms, large meeting spaces, hallways, daycares, stores, or individual offices, Ecore floors absorb sound, so everyone in the building can feel like they’re the only tenant.

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