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Why worry about noise?

In the Hospitality & Lodging Industry, better control of sound transmission has a direct correlation to higher guest satisfaction. Hotel noise has been cited in online guest reviews as a leading travel complaint since 2010 according to JD Power's North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index.

Acoustic Solutions

AttainSilence combines an ECOsilence underlayment with an Attain LVT surface to create flooring that controls acoustics.

Customize Your AttainSilence System

The beauty of the AttainSilence System is that there are hundreds of different combinations to meet your specific needs. Follow these steps to order your free sample:

  • Explore the ECOsilence and Attain options below.
  • Click on a finish from Attain Color Options. Then choose "Order Sample."
  • Click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Fill in your information, then click "Submit Order."

We'll send a sample that includes your chosen finish and the ECOsilence depths that work best with that finish.

1. ECOsilence Underlayment

Depth Options

Available in a variety of thicknesses and compatible with most floor finishes, ECOsilence is an underlayment designed to exceed IIC requirements while maintaining a low profile. 2mm can achieve Delta IIC ratings up to 25dB and IIC ratings up to 72 dB.

Thickness Dimensions
ECOsilence 2
2mm (0.08-inch) thickness
ECOsilence 5
5mm (0.20-inch) thickness
ECOsilence 10
10mm (0.40-inch) thickness
ECOsilence 12
12mm (0.47-inch) thickness

2. Attain

Available Depth

Attain is a collection of luxury vinyl tile designed for a wide range of commercial applications. Available in 2.5-millimeter plank and square tile, this collection offers designer selections that replicate wood planks, textiles, woven surfaces and concrete.

Thickness Dimensions
Product Options
Attain 2.5 Commercial
2.5mm (0.10") thickness
20mil wear layer
For use in commercial, heavy traffic environments
Wood (except Dark Ash): 2.5mm (0.10") x 6" x 36" planks
Dark Ash: 2.5mm (0.10") x 7" x 48" planks
Texture: 2.5mm (0.10") x 18" x 18" tiles

3. Attain Color Options

Minimum yields, additional lead time, and specific pricing will apply to custom and non-standard options.
Please contact your local agent for more details regarding these options.
Actual color may vary from on-screen representation and samples, please contact your local sales rep for additional information.

Mocha Linen (Texture)

Mocha Linen (Texture)

Cream Linen (Texture)

Cream Linen (Texture)

The Systems: AttainSilence

Attain Plus icon ECOsilence Equal icon AttainSilence

The AttainSilence System combines the varied look of Attain and the reliable performance of ECOsilence for one warranted system that provides an ideal solution to the acoustical challenges in your environment.

AttainSilence 2.5.2

AttainSilence 2.5.2 features 2.5mm Attain over 2.0mm ECOsilence.
2.5mm (0.10") Attain over
2.0mm (0.08") ECOsilence

AttainSilence 2.5.5

AttainSilence 2.5.5 features 2.5mm Attain over 5.0mm ECOsilence.
2.5mm (0.08") Attain over
5.0mm (0.20") ECOsilence

AttainSilence achieves Delta IIC ratings as high as 26dB

The best way to treat structure-borne noise is to suppress it at its source - the flooring! Once acoustic energy enters the structure of a building, it becomes much more difficult to control. It can cost 10 times as much to fix a noise problem than address it in the design phase.


  • Cardio
  • Childcare/Play Zones
  • Common Areas
  • Entrances
  • Group/Dance
  • K-12/ Higher Ed
  • Living Spaces
  • Locker Room/Restrooms
  • Offices
  • Public Spaces
  • Retail
  • Selectorized Strength

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Because at Ecore we believe less noise is MORE.

Guaranteed icon
Feel confident knowing that AttainSilence comes with a full system warranty.

Choose the depth of each product to order a sample of your custom AttainSilence System. Samples are currently only available in that color's standard options.

Attain Depth:
ECOsilence Depth: